can anyone explain buring an image of a hard drive

  buel 23:15 29 Jul 2008

Hi, please can anyone explain what it is to burn an image of a hard drive? Is it an exact replica of what is on my hard drive? Including all programmes? Can it be used to copy everything from my existing hard drive to a better quicker hard drive for my laptop?
My Laptop is:
Medion MD 96032 and this information appears on 'My Computer':
Intel(R)Celeron(R) M CPU
410 @ 1.46 Ghz
504MB of Ram
Windows Xp
Service Pack 2

  Graham. 23:32 29 Jul 2008

An image of your hard drive, using Norton Ghost or Acronis, for instance, can normally only be useful on the machine on which it is created.

This is because it will contain details of the PC, for example, the motherboard, which will be different on another PC.

You can't use it to install programs on another PC.

  sinbads 08:32 30 Jul 2008

IF you are thinking of installing a better/quicker hard drive for your laptop then yes Norton ghost or Acronis true image can copy/clone your existing hard drive. It would then be a simple matter of removing the old drive and replacing it with the new one.

  Technotiger 09:04 30 Jul 2008

Making a Clone (an Exact copy of your hard-drive, which includes absolutely Everything) using Acronis, is probably the best way to go.

A Clone is especially for the event of copying one hard-drive to another hard-drive, within the same PC.

  buel 18:57 30 Jul 2008

Wow, that is impressive, so do i not have to install Windows on the new hard drive then?

  woodchip 19:16 30 Jul 2008

Creating a Image of the Hard Drive, It contains all that is on the drive Including Partition, Operating System and all Drivers Settings and Software as at the Time you make it. Using Acronis True Image or other. This can be loaded to any new drive even without partitioning etc in next to no time

PS this will only work on the computer that it was created on

  Technotiger 19:16 30 Jul 2008

No, as long as the old/new hard-drives are for the same PC.

You can not for instance, clone a hard drive and then put it in a different PC.

  MarvintheAndroid 20:00 30 Jul 2008

Disk image is probably the best way to backup a working system, especially if the program has an explorer function to allow you to recover individual files and folders as well a fill drives.

A clone is a working copy of a system.

A disk image is a file with a working system packed into it, but it can't run until you restore it to a drive.


  PalaeoBill 11:00 31 Jul 2008

You don't need to go to the expense of Acronis or Norton Ghost. There are free alternatives.
I recently replaced the hard drive in my Dell laptop with one twice the capacity, cloning it using XXCLONE. I plugged the new drive into the laptop via an external USB caddy, cloned the internal drive to it and then swapped the drives.

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