Can anyone explain this

  Deucalion 12:46 07 Mar 2009

Hi, for quite a while i had Tiscali as my service provider. After having to do a reset on my PC, i could no longer get windows updates and automatic updates just wouldn't turn on no matter what i did. From the end of November 08 to the beginning of this week i was without an internet connection. I now have one via O2. Have been using the internet this week and still not able to get any updates. However, when i turned the PC on last night, a window popped up saying that automatic updates was turned off. I decided to try and turn them on again, although it hadn't worked before, but lo and behold, it turned on and i can now get updates. I haven't done anything to my PC that i haven't done before, virus and spyware checks, so can anyone please explain why this problem seems to have suddenly cured itself?

  Mick54 15:19 07 Mar 2009

Hello Quite frankly I find the microsoft updates to be a pain in the backside. You really do not need most of them anyway. They can cause more problems than they solve. I have them turned off all the time. They also take up valuable space on your hard drive. Believe me I have had a pc for the last eleven years and I was told by someone in the know that updates are a waste of time. Have not used them for last five years and pc is fine. The last big vunerability I had a message for was with using MS Explorer, so I swapped to Fire fox Mozilla. Ten times better and much faster. Most of the vunerabilities that they find are to do with buisiness computers. As for your cured problem you may at some point have deleted something that has allowed it to update. Some viruses can block updates so maybe a scan has cleared the problem. Hope this helps. Mick.

  Stuartli 15:38 07 Mar 2009

You say: "I find the microsoft updates to be a pain in the backside" and "..turned off all the time" and "Have not used them for last five years and pc is fine."

How then do you find such updates to be "a pain in the backside" if the service is permanently switched off?

These updates are issued for very good reasons and suggesting, encouraging even, that they be ignored is not very sound advice.


If you go to the Security Center and select Notify Me of Updates but don't Install them, you will be able to choose which ones, if at all, you install.

When the yellow icon appears in the Notification Tay, click on it and choose Customise from the panel menu. A list of the updates will appear and highlighting each one will list its purpose.

Select which one(s) you wish to install and click OK. When a panel appears asking if you wish to be notified again of the rejected updates, select No.

  Deucalion 15:20 08 Mar 2009

Thanks for your help guys. I'm not sure if I've recently got rid of a virus or not that could have been causing the problem. I always carry out a virus and spyware check at least once a week if not more, and have done for ages. The only difference to my PC now is that I am no longer using Avast. I now have Spyware Terminator.
The only update that wants to install at the moment is SP3 and I'm rather dubious about installing it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 08 Mar 2009

Avast is antivirus
Spyware terminator is antispyware

Do you have any antivirus installed?

  Deucalion 10:22 09 Mar 2009

Hi Fruit Bat,
Yes, I have McAfee antivirus installed as it came with my broadband

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