Can anyone advise on a broadband package?

  Eargasm 22:37 07 Nov 2004

Hi All
I am currently on dial up with bt evening and weekend package costing approx £14 per month,but now with restrictions of 120 hours max per month.

I am considering the tiscali package of 150kbps for £15.99 per month as it is not much more than i am already paying,just wondered if anyone could comment on this tiscali package,or point me in the direction of other providers without restrictions.

Speed is not that important,i have been happy with the bt dial-up for the last 4 years,but the 120 hours max is now forcing me to change.

Thanks in advance Phil

  User-312386 22:46 07 Nov 2004

click here for NTL 300k is £8.99p for the first three months then rises to £17.99p

Not bad really, considering it will be five times faster than your old BT one


Telewest click here £17.99p for 256k per month

I know telewest does not have restrictions as i have a 1.5mb connection

  stalion 23:16 07 Nov 2004

you could also try force9 a very good isp
click here

  Border View 23:33 07 Nov 2004

Try having a look at this site - I found it very helpful when I swopped from Lineone/Tiscalli dial up to Pipex Broadband. click here

  kjrider 23:47 07 Nov 2004

I am with NTL cable and have had virtually no probs, although there is a download limit, I believe. It is running 4 home PCs on the low speed 300.

My daughter is with AOL. Can't stand their messy browser, and it does tend to 'loose' connections far too frequent for me.You then have to re-start with the AOL browser - you cannot just continue, as you can with IE or Opera.


  Eargasm 23:55 07 Nov 2004

Thanks guy's

Superb advice as always on this forum,i will check out the various options,then take the plunge broadband it is!

  fly2hi 23:35 08 Nov 2004

have not had a problem with aol bb, very rarely disconnects and if it does, auto reconnects. if use are behind a router you don't need to use the aol software. there are no d/l limits. Heard they are about to give Mcafee antivirus for free along with the firewall. Lots of people moan about the software but i can't see the problem. works for me anyway.

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