Can anybody help with this connection

  woodchip 17:22 24 Sep 2007

Problem? link to Help room click here

  mgmcc 09:03 25 Sep 2007

Not quite sure why you're messing about in the Command Prompt window.

The procedure should be to right click the "Network" icon in the Notification Area (System tray), select "Connect to a Network", highlight the one which matches your router's SSID and click the Connect button at the bottom of the window. You'll be prompted to enter any WEP/WPA key and should then connect.

Presumably something is failing when you do this?

  woodchip 09:14 25 Sep 2007

Just to put you in the know, about these Laptops.

If you do a Factory Restore, it formats both drives as if they are one drive. I know it's daft but that's what it does , so tell her to backup her stuff to DVD's just in case.

Second point, The trouble I have be getting is that the internal WiFi card does not match my 3Com router. It will only work wireless with the router unsecured.

So I need to try to find a usb adapter that works with Vista and as the same Encryption.

Just another point, I was thinking would XP load to the other hard drive? and if so would I be able to see the Vista drive to use as Backup?

  Ashrich 09:47 25 Sep 2007

After reading all the threads and trying to help , I am now totally confused , but it sounds like you might have a dodgy internal card , if this is a new laptop I suggest you get the card swapped for one that does work , all cards should match all routers at the very lowest form , 11b , or newer ones at 54g regardless of make , model or chipset , you only need matching routers and cards or adapters to get the best features out of each .


  woodchip 13:33 25 Sep 2007

The problem is that it connect's if all Encryption is turned of in router, the card Encryption does not match that of the router. I will e-mail 3Com to see if they do a Vista USB card that will connect to my router. This is why it's a good idea to try to stick to same make of components if the have to work together like memory modules Drives etc

  skidzy 14:35 25 Sep 2007

Hi Woody

" the card Encryption does not match that of the router "

I see you have ticked resolved !

If not,this almost certainly says to me you are typing the encryption incorrectly.

I know i dont have to tell you,but maybe an oversight.

The key will be case sensitive,check your caps lock etc...

Like ive said before,i find the easiest way,is to use a memory card or flash drive starting from the host pc that is secure to the router.This guarantees your settings would be exact,including the encryption key.

Just curious,what security have you used WEP/WPA etc...

Some tips if needed from within a routers configuration click here

  woodchip 15:56 25 Sep 2007

Encryption is a drop down box in the Laptop settings and none of them match the 3Com router these are from My router

WPA-(No Server)
128-bit Wep
64-bit Wep
WPA (With Radius Server)

TKIP over the Password Key Box.

Cannot just at the moment tell you the Laptop ones. Will post back with these after Just about to get in the Shower as I am off out tonight.

The Laptop is also a Drop Down box from which you choose what you want

  skidzy 16:19 25 Sep 2007

Im confused with all this Woody;

All you need to do,is set the encryption within the router (write this down).

Click the wireless icon in your system tray of the lappy and select the network (if ssid is hidden,you need to show this) you should then be asked to enter the correct encrypted key code.

As a quick measure but less secure select the 64 bit wep within the router.

For what its worth,i have a network connecting 5 computers,with ZA coupled with the router firewall and WEP 64 bit and never had a problem to date.
This is not everyones choice i know but is the simplest security measure possible with a router.

This assuming the lappy can see the router.

  woodchip 16:44 25 Sep 2007

These ar my Laptop settings

No Authentication (open)

this is the only one it will run on when I disable Encryption in my router.

others are these in the drop down box in Laptop

802.1X whitch is Wep

  skidzy 16:55 25 Sep 2007

Im at a loss Woody.

I can only see it as a mistyped encryption key.

Have you tried with the memory card or flash drive yet ?

  woodchip 17:02 25 Sep 2007

No I have the key on paper. I tried With a Floppy but it will not go as it cannot find a connection. I made this in the Networking Setup Wizard on my XP computer. All work OK other than this new Laptop. I shall have to try to get another USB that will work with Vista so I can use Encryption, or just connect by ethernet, as I am not leaving the Router without Protection. Will XP load on the Other Drive in the Laptop? the Data one on mine is E:\

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