Can any Comodo Firewall users help?

  GroupFC 16:31 25 Oct 2008

I have XP Home and use the free Comodo Firewall Pro ( As you can see from this post click here I have recently had a problem opening Photoplus. You can also see that I think this problem may have arisen when my son, incorrectly answered a request from Comodo, and blocked the application.

I have managed to now open Photoplus, but only by setting the Defense+ Security Level to disabled.

Can anybody tell me how to alter the settings in Comodo, so I don’t have to disable Defense+, every time I want to use Photoplus! I have had a look in the help files but haven’t got very far, hence this post!

  ^wave^ 16:52 25 Oct 2008

try setting it as a trusted application

  GroupFC 17:37 25 Oct 2008

I have tried that by going into Defense+ tasks> advanced> Computer Security Policy and setting it as Trusted Application, but it doesn't seem to want to play ball!

I am at bit of a loss as to what to do to make it work and wonder if there is something else I should be doing.

  Pineman100 18:20 25 Oct 2008

If setting it as a trusted application (white list) hasn't worked, then it's probably listed on a blacklist within your firewall.

I'm not familiar with Comodo, so I can't tell you where to find this, but have a poke about in the "rules", if you can.

  ^wave^ 14:04 26 Oct 2008

try firewall , network security settings in the advanced tab look down there

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