Can 98se Screensavers be used with XP

  Mike 15:19 02 Mar 2008

Would like to have the Underwater.scr play on XP But cannot find a way of doing it. I cannot even find where the standard XP screen savers are, a search yield nothing. Help!!

  Graham. 15:31 02 Mar 2008

You can do better than W98 these days. Free trial click here

  Mike 15:55 02 Mar 2008

Looks good but don't like the nags.
Would prefer fixes tank with the fish going by.

  pj123 16:17 02 Mar 2008

Tell me why you need a screensaver?

In the old days on the Mono Monitor you needed a screensaver because of "burn in".

With colour monitors there is no "burn in" effect so a screen saver is not necessary.

All it does is use up memory.

  Mike 16:44 02 Mar 2008

very simple, "My Wife wants a Fish Tank". I have it on an old laptop with 98se but can't get XP to use it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 02 Mar 2008

copy to


restart your pc and try right-clicking on your desktop and click properties and go to the "Screensavers" tab...

this might not always might need a visual manager like Style XP or WIndows Blinds to add some screensavers...

  Mike 18:12 02 Mar 2008

There wasn't a ScreenSavers folder so I made one, tried in three different positions, no good. going to look for Style XP or Windows blinds.
Manny thanks.

  mark2 19:32 02 Mar 2008

Standard XP screensavers are found in C:\windows\system32

  Mike 21:33 02 Mar 2008

No not in C:\windows\system32. In fact I cannot find any screensavers on any XP machine even though I have Screensavers.

  Microdot 23:19 02 Mar 2008

In xp windows\system32 look for files starting with ss and having suffix .scr

Cheers de Art.

  jbaker65 08:52 03 Mar 2008

Mike, on a floppy I have the files and method of putting the underwater screensaver onto Win XP.
If you want them PM me and I'll eMail you a copy.

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