Can a 32 bit system take a 3Ghz processor?

  martingroundsell 17:32 24 Apr 2010

I currently have a Dell PC which is about 2 years old, however to edit the video I have taken with my HD camcorder the Adobe Premier Elements software says I need a processor that is 3Ghz and mine is only an Intel Core Quad CPU Q 6600 @ 2.4Ghz.

Reading the other posts I know my mother board will be a restriction but I can’t seem to easily see from device manager what the mother board is. I know my PC is a 32 bit operating system and looking at the new PC's that have a 3.2Ghz processor they seem to be 64 bit operating systems. Does this mean you can't get a3.2ghz processor for a 32 bit system?

If not are there any other good HD video editing software solutions that will work on a 2.4Ghz operating system?

Any help is much appreciated.

  sunnystaines 17:41 24 Apr 2010

yes it can

  mooly 18:33 24 Apr 2010

Is your program actually stopping you doing what you want or is it just advising you on suggested specs etc ?
Have you tried it.

  DieSse 19:57 24 Apr 2010

A 2.4GHz quad-core processor is probably faster than single-core 3GHz processors. Clock-speed is not a direct indicator of processor performance.

As mooly hinted at, just go ahead and use it, it'll almost certainly work very well on your processor.

  mrwoowoo 15:05 25 Apr 2010

Your Q 6600 CPU is well above what's needed to run that programme. ( I have the same CPU).
The 3GHZ required is for a single core CPU which is much older and slower than what you have.
Also, a dual-core processor is required for AVCHD, which again is less powerfull than your quad core.

  martingroundsell 19:32 25 Apr 2010

Well I had thought that and when I run the basic software it works but when I try to use the Adobe Premier elements 8 trial software it wont work well and looking at their support sites they claim I will need a 2Ghz for standard video editing and a 3Ghz processor for HDVC editing.

Does anyone know of any other decent HDVC editing software as the windows movie maker software can not handle HDVC.

  ardubbleyu 08:24 26 Apr 2010

How much RAM do you have? As previous posters have said, the processor is more than up to the job...

  martingroundsell 08:55 26 Apr 2010

I have 4Gig of Ram at the moment and according to Dell I can put up to 8Gig of Ram into my PC. Could that be the issue? I have tried running the software with nothing else running and it played the video for about 10 seconds before it started to buffer and degrade.

  bremner 15:41 27 Apr 2010

This is hwre you will be restricted by a 32 bit operating system.

Howver much RAM you put in your 32 bit system it will only be able to address 3GB. To address more you will need a 64 bit operating system.

  mrwoowoo 05:25 28 Apr 2010

May be a graphics card issue, as your Dell, i would imagine will have onboard graphics which will take some of the system memory.

  mrwoowoo 05:30 28 Apr 2010

Nope, i've just checked the system requirements and there is no reason that your PC shouldn't run it.

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