Can 2 computers be connected to one 'phone line?

  Rotenone 19:49 26 Sep 2008

Is it possible to connect 2 completely separate computers to one 'phone land line.I want to connect one computer via a BT 105 Voyager ADSL USB modem and another completely separate computer via a BT Home Hub either wirelessly or using a USB conection.Can I do this using a double 'phone outlet socket(a doubler?)

  Jak_1 19:53 26 Sep 2008

In short, no. However I stand to be corrected!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:04 26 Sep 2008

You can only connect one modem to the line you can connect several routers to that modem (but not combined modem routes like the BT105 or hub)

  Jak_1 20:07 26 Sep 2008

To enhance Marg7's answer, you can also only use the same isp and account. Even through a router two seperate pc's can not access two different isp's or two different internet accounts at the same time. As far as I'm aware.
You can not connect two modems/modem routers to a phone line at the same time.

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