camper van PC or tablet

  firebirdb 16:48 06 Aug 2014

I have just bought a camper van and intend to travel through Europe. What sort of Pc,or tablet etc should I buy, will also need to connect were ever I am, I surf the internet,(a silver surfer) but will not need it for downloads.

  firebirdb 17:35 06 Aug 2014


  firebirdb 17:49 06 Aug 2014

I have a Kindle Fire, are these any good for the job ?

  sunnystaines 15:23 07 Aug 2014

we have a camper van. what I would suggest most important long battery life, but fast enough cpu/ram not to be frustrating too slow. we bought a net book but its too slow, also none of the 12v connectors to recharge the netbook would work, if you get a 12v connector from pcworld etc make sure they will take it back if it does not work.

what we do now is use a smartphone and also tether its internet wifi to a laptop. [make sure you have unlimited internet and tethering on your smartphone contrct] we use three as the provider which can be used in several EU places at no extra.

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