Camera usb connection

  Ravenna 19:08 08 Sep 2004

Since doing a System Restore, I've had to re-install various programs - including the driver for my camera. The software (Exif Viewer) seems to have all loaded OK - but my machine isn't recognising the camera when attached via the usb.
I'm sure all the leads are connected OK - as the camera shows 'usb' in the rear screen.
It should come up with 'Removeable disk/drive/F' - but doesn't.
I've also tried using the alternative software - MGI Photosuite - but nothing either. On that, it should come up with DCIM - first - but doesn't.

I had the same prob last year when I had a new hard drive installed.
My nephew - did a couple of clicks - and it appeared.
He's not around at the moment to help.
I've tried clicking everything (I think) but no luck.

Any ideas?
Windows ME

  961 19:19 08 Sep 2004

Often a pain in the whatnots to re-install cameras via usb. The main thing is, first, to uninstall the camera and all the software completely, and then get the instructions for the camera and start from scratch.

Often the software has to be installed first, before the camera is connected, but if there are traces of the old installation left, it doesn't always work

Where is nephew?

  Ravenna 19:35 08 Sep 2004

... yes, I've tried uninstalling & re-installing a couple of times. Re-read the manual and followed instructions closely. Connected camera after and also before. Etc, etc. I guess I'll have to keep trying. Nephew is in new flat and quite a distance away!

  Salinger 21:05 08 Sep 2004

Another job for "CardReaderMan"!

  jack 21:57 08 Sep 2004

Likes you have tried all
However try this
Take all software Camera and MGI Out.
Give the system a good clean up [Ashampoo /Cleansweep -whatever.
Restart computer.
Make sure you have a card wiuth images in Camera
Connect camera.
The system as you say should recogni Camera as a 'Drive' software not withstanding.

  rawprawn 22:19 08 Sep 2004

If you are using a powered usb hub, plug directly into the computer. Mine will not work unless I do this.

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