Camera RAW images

  birkdalite 18:56 21 Jun 2003

Jazzypop hope you pick this up ! Why does my camera (Canon s30) allow me to take photos in RAW format and then not allow me to work on them without changing to aother format? specially when RAW is supposed to be the bees knees for quality. I use Breeze browser as you advised, but why should it be necessary to convert?

  jazzypop 19:22 21 Jun 2003

Errrm - it shouldn't - Breeze browser is designed to work with Canon RAW format.

There just *may* be a problem with th camera and/or the storage card when saving RAW format (which, as you know, produces much larger files than TIF of JPG).

Try viewing them in an alternative viewer such as YarcPlus - see click here

This will help to determine if the Breeze software is playing up. If Yarc won't display RAW either, I suggest you try another storage card, or contact Canon for a replacement camera.

See also click here for some useful stuff about working with RAW.

  birkdalite 19:50 21 Jun 2003

Jazzypop Don't go away? I think I may be being a bit obtuse here. Yes the c anon software will accept RAW but only by changing the fomat, breeze software calls it "converting".I'm sorry but I am genuinely puzzled by this why can it not be processed "as is" Why must it be changed to something else and is anything lost in the changing? It's academic really I suppose, 'cos I'm not doing anything over A4 or any critical work but it' niggling me.but don't let me niggle you!! cheers Roy

  birkdalite 20:00 21 Jun 2003

Jazzypop Sorry should have downloaded the last item in your reply first, it looks like it might shut me up !

  Stuartli 20:36 21 Jun 2003

There's a piece about this subject in the new PCA which I got this morning - it's contained in the news about the new Sigma digital SLR camera.

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