Camera problems with SP2

  Fisherman2 22:33 27 Sep 2004
Locked I installed SP2 most of everythings works ok, except, when I connect my camera via usb and switch on, the finepix viewer does not run, it trys to but seems to be blocked in some way?.
I have had a good look around but at this moment I'm at a loss for any ideas. any ideas?......

  Androcles 23:00 27 Sep 2004

Uninstall your camera software and then reinstall it.

  Fisherman2 19:06 28 Sep 2004

Evenin' Mr Androcles......I tried all the obvious stuff before I posted yesterday, the pc recognises the camera's memory card (mass storage) and in turn i can access the contents via a laborious route, but still cannot open to fuji's finepix viewer?

  jack 19:43 28 Sep 2004

Try the prgram compatability facility
{if you are not sure where it is go to Win help]
See what happen.
Camara software it notoriously flaky and is best left in the box and use photo editing software to access the camera

  Fisherman2 20:16 28 Sep 2004

Hi Jack,,,,,,,yep tried that too......I suppose I have to resign myself to the fact that SP2 is going to throw up these glitches,,,,but I will have to find a way round this (can't see my wife and children putting up with it)!. Thanks for the advice anyway

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