Camera Memory

  Frank-P 18:27 24 Jul 2005

I am about to invest around £200 in a digital camera for domestic use, but have no idea of the pros and cons of the varying memory card types. Can anyone throw some light on whether I need to worry about it, and if so, what are the reasons for selecting a particular type?

  pb457 18:35 24 Jul 2005

Depends what you want, whether you want compact, large memory space, robust. If you want compact Secure digital or XD. large memory XD, Compact flash, secure digital, robust all except Smart media. Smart media is old technology it is easily broken and has a max size of 512. XD is my choice but thne you have a very limited choice of camera fuji or olympus. For XD you'll need to be careful with card readers, difficult to find.

  o44wen 18:51 24 Jul 2005

I would suggest getting a camera from Panasonic, they have some of the best cameras for your price range. One of the best camera lenses on the market also, for a budget price.

Panasonic use SD cards and they can be picked up very cheap online.

Check out their website click here to see the range, however you might be able to get a slightly better price from other online store if you search via click here

I just checked their website and they are selling the cameras with a free leather case and a free 128MB panasonic branded memory card, that might be the best price you might find.

I bought one of their cameras last year and was very impressed with it, then last month i got my mother the DMCLS1B for £150. Excellent quality prints.

They also won a few awards in camera magazines for quality.

  spuds 18:56 24 Jul 2005

This might help a little click here

Regarding XD card readers, they are available from places like click here. Look for card readers with higher slots specifications. But personally I would not think in terms of XD memory, stick to the multimedia's, secure's etc.

  GazMaz 19:05 24 Jul 2005

I went digital last Christmas love it I love it. One of the first things I did was get a different make of card (mainly for having a spare), any issues with one make of card you'll be sitting waiting for the same issue with the other, I use SD cards and for far (and they get a lot of handling, no issues. Kingston - Toshiba but I think they are all pretty much the same.
I also bought a cheap card reader a small item that you could put in the camera bag, so when ever your near a PC you can download to, you can download. The things with the USB's cables is they use the power from the Camera so if your low on juice you don't want to mess about loosing more.
I also installed an internal USD/card reader onto my PC in a spare 3 1/2 bay again makes life very easy.
Hope this helps.......

Happy snapping...

  Totally-braindead 20:00 24 Jul 2005

For cheap cards and card readers click here is very reasonable. Personally I've owned 2 cameras, one used compact flash and the one I have now uses SD cards. In practice I've found no real difference between the two. I think it would be better to try to find a camera you like rather than worrying about what type of memory card it uses. There are differences between the cards but unless you're a professional photographer I don't think you'd notice any difference. Have a look here at Camera reviews click here

  hssutton 20:49 24 Jul 2005

As Totally-braindead says concentrate on the camera not the type of media it uses. You will not see any difference in your results, But if you have rather large uncontrollable digits as I do, then go for compactflash, the only other reason for going the c/flash route is if you require very large capacity cards, such as 2Gb upwards.

  Frank-P 20:39 25 Jul 2005

Many thanks to everyone - very useful!

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