Camera, how to download pictures ?

  Dick9 01:40 04 Jan 2004

I just bought a cheap Argus digital camera. There is a cable to hook up to the computer. It won't work--probably because I use windows 98--but not Second Edition. I DO have a second edition cd-rom, but I bought IT in England, and I am trying to use it in the USA.

What files (programs) do I need ? And where to put them ?

  ton 02:22 04 Jan 2004

Is this a USB connection you are trying to make?

If so does the USB work for other things?

The 98 version does have problems with USB but if it is working for other things I would have thought it would work with the camera.

I take it you have installed the camera software ( you need to install this with the camera NOT connected).

  Frazky 04:10 04 Jan 2004

I have win98 and have used 2 differing digital cameras with no probs.even having loads of other utilities installed.Have you installed the TWAIN software and do you have image-viewing software?

  Lead 05:27 04 Jan 2004

If your camera has a removable memory card, then I would recommend ditching the software that came with the camera and just use a usb card reader and then your favourite picture editing utility - I use Photoshop Elements 2.

As you're using W98, you'll need to install the drivers that come with the reader, but I have always found this route to be easier than using the drivers and associated baggage (software) that come with digital cameras, especially if it uses a serial connection (not USB).

But if your camera is a cheap one, then the memory maybe internal and everything I said useless :-)

  Dick9 08:03 04 Jan 2004

TO: ton & Frazky & Lead & others

My digital camera was cheap ---> cost $20---
that is a bit less than 12 Pounds Sterling.
brand new. Argus. takes 20 high resolution; or 80 low resolution pictures.

Argus will not answer any questions.
Their literature said that one needs "second edition" and not just simple windows 98.

I installed ArcSoft from their CD-ROM.
I MIGHT have had their USB cable hooked up at that time--with my camera on the end of it. Sadly, I do not remember.

I have, under Windows, a folder called Twain_32.
Then a sub-folder called MyDSC. and in it are many programmes including TransTwain.exe.

To view other photos or images, I use MS Photo Editor. also sometimes "Paint".

  Jakey boy 10:33 04 Jan 2004

With a mates computer. I tried everything - uninstalling the camera software, re-installing. Downloading latset version of driver from camera website etc, etc. In the end, I re-formatted the HD, and re-installed Windows (SE)then ME - still no luck. I put it down to the age/spec of the mobo and gave up! Not much help that, i know, but you may have a similar problem.

  1514 11:06 04 Jan 2004

I have just had this problem and found that I had turned off my "next in line drive letters" with "Tweak". I.E. my drive letters went to "i" and I had unticked the other drive letters. I hope that you can understand what I am trying to say?

  Stuartli 11:23 04 Jan 2004

All the drive letters should be checked in Tweak.

Whether you are in the States or the UK won't be known by Windows98SE...:-)

It has better support for USB than the 95-98 versions and upgrades.

As pointed out, you normally have to install camera drivers first, but check with the manual to make sure.

  ton 15:49 04 Jan 2004

Can you confirm that this is USB we are talking about?

If so, do you have other USB devices that work ok?

  Cooter 16:53 04 Jan 2004

by the sound of it i bought one of these christmas cracker camera as well! is it a le'spion tiny digicam? if so i had the same problem and there is a surprisingly very helpful helpline on the leaflet. the guy on the phone told me to take no notice of the software and just go straight into "my pictures" which is where the pics will be. and re: the usb, yes it is a usb.cheers

  woodchip 16:57 04 Jan 2004

Check this out Go into Setup when your computer starts up By pressing something like delete it should say as it's starting. look in the BIOS for USB and enable it if it's disabled. then let's know what happend

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