Camera Folder not seen in Explorer

  bremner 16:33 01 Oct 2004

A colleague has a digital camera from which he has downloaded images on to his machine in our office for sometime (USB)

Today when he tried and the camera is seen as a removeable drive but Explorer does not see the DCIM folder containing the images.

He can take the SD card out and put it into a card reader and all is well.

I can connect the camera to my machine or a spare machine and again the camera is seen and explorer sees the folder and images.

He can connect a different camera and that is fine.

He has added nothing to his machine and we all run XP Pro with SP2. His machine and mine are identical - dual Xeon - and the spare machine is a dual Opteron.

We have exhausted our knowledge and that of our IT colleagues - anyone got any ideas please.

  [email protected] 17:28 01 Oct 2004

Good one for a Friday afternoon. Sounds like a dodgey USB connection on His machine; either port or lead. Try different PC ports/lead on His machine as all appears OK on others. Good luck.

  bremner 17:30 01 Oct 2004

We have used a different camera with the same lead into the same port with no problem.

Thanks for the suggestion.

  jack 17:51 01 Oct 2004

Nave considered something has changed in the USB connection area, such as another peripheral thats may be is drawing down power.
IE is th Camera powering the transfer[or non transfer] or the computer?

  bremner 18:50 01 Oct 2004

The problem is is that having tried with the camera that is having the problem, I can plug in a Sony Mavica and this is accepted without problem.

  keith-236785 19:32 01 Oct 2004

stupid suggestion from me but try viewing all files, maybe "someone" has set the attributes for the DCIM folder to HIDDEN

sorry for the daft suggestion but its all i can think of

  bremner 22:33 01 Oct 2004

Not daft at all - but something we already tried with no luck.


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