Camera and Flash memory ????

  WallyD 15:23 03 Mar 2004

I have just purchased the Aldi Camera which works fine however the software provided instructs you to safely exit USB before unplugging the camera.
This camera has 32M flash memory and the camera is not switched on when connected for downloading.
Alls well but the few questions are :-does the power come fron USB,what is flash memory and is this safe exit to protect the flash mem.
I also have a Fuji which I connect and switch on and disconnect the usb without this precaution but it doesnt have flash mem.
Many thanks

  Sethhaniel 15:43 03 Mar 2004

a symbol in the System Tray allows you to switch off USB devices for safe removal -Windows '98 doesn't have this feature

  aramis 15:51 03 Mar 2004

If you do not "safely remove hardware" ( usb )you stand a chance of erasing the photos on the memory. What else it could do I am not sure,perhaps someone else could tell you.For how flash memory works click here

  Stuartli 15:51 03 Mar 2004

If your camera has a flashing light when you switch it to download mode, you should wait until the light goes out before connecting or disconnecting a USB cable.

You should also not delete pix files from the camera whilst connected to your system; if you do you will have to reformat the card from the camera's menu.

  Sethhaniel 15:54 03 Mar 2004

a warning comes up on removal of USB memory stick that it could 'crash computer' and then states it will put a safe removal icon in System Tray

  Stuartli 15:55 03 Mar 2004

Bit puzzled by the fact that the camera is not switched on when you download - there's usually a position on the menu control/mode switch to download files to your system.

  WallyD 19:01 03 Mar 2004

Thanks to all for the response
I too Stuartli was surprised that the Camera was swithed off.What I failed to mention was that the Fufi software responded as soon as I connected the Camera. Normally when operating the Fuji Camera I have to switch on as one would expect and its this reason I asked just what is flash Mem
thanks again

  WallyD 19:03 03 Mar 2004

Thanks for the link Aramis

  Stuartli 13:44 04 Mar 2004

Now I think about it, my read/write Card Reader instantly lists four removeable drives in My Computer when connected (XP Pro).....

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