camera battery

  podlod 10:14 29 Aug 2008

Hi, I have now purchased a Nikon D200 SLR camera and before this i had a Nikon D70s, although the battery chargers looks exactly the same,I find that one of the batteries ( D200 which has 3 pins ) has 1 small charge pin extra which to me by site does nothing. My existing battery I have ( D70 ) has only 2 small charge pins, prob being I am slightly unsure whether to try the D70 battery in the D200 camera just in case it does some damage, any advice please?

  jack 10:46 29 Aug 2008

Protection device.
You will have to seek out exactly the contact layout of the battery[may be moulded into the case] and the device.
A device I have that uses AAA rechargeable came supplied with part of the lower outer sleeve cut away- to allow contact with an extra contact in the device battery chamber- Additional advice in the manual advises that this is an 'Overcharge' protection device and any replacement battery should be so adapted.
Note the recent spate of Li-On battery fires in laptops- lack of overcharge protection is a likely cause
This may be of use
click here

Good old Google- Google for more
.click here

  ventanas 12:05 29 Aug 2008

D70 batteries do not fit a D200, you must use the correct item, and you must also use the correct charger. Both of these will have come with the camera as standard.
Spares are available either Nikon or 3rd party.
I don't have anything with me at the moment so cannot give yhou the correct item codes for the D200

  jack 14:27 29 Aug 2008

It is essential too to make sure the voltage required is correct.
This too can vary, although it is likely the battery would also be physically different to prevent incorrect placement.

  jack 14:34 29 Aug 2008

one of my Olympus batteries
It has the 3 terminals
They are marked - T +
It is 7.2v 150 mAh
A colleague's Pentax is 7.5V very similar in appearance
So don't mess get the right one

  woodchip 14:43 29 Aug 2008
  woodchip 14:44 29 Aug 2008

It will not harm the Camera, it just uses two tags

  ventanas 15:10 29 Aug 2008

Sorry, but that is contrary to the advice from Nikon, I know they have a vested interest, but if the D70 battery would suffice for a D200 why bother bringing out a new one. (The D200 battery will fit a D300)
OK, those in your link will probably work, but they are really a fit all option, and will not have the dedication of a genuine D200 battery, the charge life of which is already somewhat lacking. That's why I always use two in conjunction with a MB-D200 grip. The only third party batter I would ever consider is that made by Hahnel. With a camera like this cheap batteries are not really an option, reliability is what is required.

  ventanas 15:17 29 Aug 2008

I should have mentioned that the D70 EN-EL3 seems to have disappeared because the newer EN-EL3e is backward compatible, but not the other way around.

  podlod 16:33 03 Sep 2008

Hi, thanks all for your help and have decided to order a new Nikon D200 battery as supplied by the manufacturers you have supplied here for me.

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