kench 22:43 17 Apr 2005

Just purchased a Kodak dx7630 on the menu it says COMPRESSION -standard or fine what does this mean!and which is the best mode to use.

  Pooke100 22:55 17 Apr 2005

Never used that camera but compression means that the file (picture) will be reduced in size on the memory card to save space for more photos, usually some degree of quality will be lost.

On my Olympus camera I can't tell the difference between the top 2 setting, same resolution one's compressed and the other ain't.

  NormanD 23:15 17 Apr 2005

When a file is compressed some of the information captured by your camera is discarded to give a smaller file size. The more compression you apply the more information is discarded. If you intend to produce good quality prints you need to apply less compression than if you are going to view your pictures on a monitor screen. If you intend to send pictures by e-mail then more compression will give more manageable file sizes. Hope this helps.

  Bagsey 23:23 17 Apr 2005

I go along with all that has been said and would also add that unless you intend to take your images into a photo shop to be printed then there is no point in having images on your camera that are of a higher resolution
(quality) than your printer is capable of producing.

  TomJerry 23:53 17 Apr 2005

once quality is lost, you can never get it back

the memory card is very cheap now

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  LAP 10:51 18 Apr 2005

Place camera on solid object or tripod use self timer and take 2 pictures of exactly the same subject one on each setting. Then view and you can make up your own mind. Worth a go.....

  TomJerry 12:00 18 Apr 2005

they are the same. The future technology may prove they are not the same. If you enlarge the pictures and print them out, you may see difference.

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