Camedia Master 4.2 big probs

  LJ4 00:49 08 Jan 2006

Hi there, I have camedia master 4.2 all of my work photos in there, only problem is the program seems to have locked me out??? I scanned a pic put it into my pictures and then put it into camedia (jpeg format), as soon as I did this the program shut down, i've scanned the program with virus, trojan & spyware all to no avail. System restore does not work. I managed to get into the program but only if I do run as.. but then I only get into the album which has the photo I scanned in it and I cant delete it or any thing. If I try to do anything I get a warning box up saying "access is denied check disk is not full or file is not in use" Im at a loss. Im good with working my comp not good with solving comp problems. Will be so grateful for any help provided. Thanks.

  Hamish 10:12 08 Jan 2006

Have you scanned with click here

Also have you tried click here to find
your pictures.

Hope this helps

  jack 10:50 08 Jan 2006

First the Good news - your pictures are not in a 'Program.' They by default stored in MyDocuments/My pictures.
So you can go there from the desktop to find them.

Now it is often said on this forum that the software supplied with a camera is best left in the box.

These Programs [any make pf camera] are only of a get you started basic nature.

A genuine picture editor- of which there are many- including free ones to down load - try click here is the best route

  johnnyrocker 10:55 08 Jan 2006

i have a camedia prog and the pictures are stored in the program and not accessible fom my doce/my pics and i suspect the poster has the same situation..


  hzhzhz 11:31 08 Jan 2006


Just downloaded your link. Nice one. Cheers.

  jack 11:49 08 Jan 2006

Johnny R
Data files are not stored in a Program
as such, things dont work that way.
If the images are not in the default folder[My Pictures] then it simply means that the Program[Camedia] has created a folder for its own exclusive use - but a folder in 'C' drive there is with images in it.
The best way in this situation is to go to
Start/Find and in the field type *.joeg [that is star[shift8]dot/jpeg]
This will then reveal all jpeg images wherever they are located.
You can then move them to a place whare you can then find them.

  LJ4 00:22 09 Jan 2006

Dear Hamish,
I have tried both these and they have not worked. But thanks for the great ideas.

  LJ4 00:24 09 Jan 2006

Dear Jack,

The photos are indeed in the program and not in my documents or my pictures. But thank you for the advise.

  LJ4 00:25 09 Jan 2006

Dear Jonnyrocker,

Your absolutely right. Exactly the same situation.

  LJ4 00:35 09 Jan 2006

Dear Jack,

I go onto my start menu and I have Search or Run...
I have put in the file name exactly as you said, and both are coming up empty. Am I doing it in the right place? It is *.jpeg ?? Im not reading that wrong am I? Thank you so much for your help.

  jack 10:42 09 Jan 2006

Yes you are right.
Start/Search/ *.jpeg.
Where ever those pictures are this will find them if they are in the computer at all.

You could also carry out a manual search in this case

C/Programs/Camedia/ and see if a folder of images lurks there. But if it does then 'Search' would have found them.

What then is the alternative?
The images Camedia displays are thumbnails stored in the program not the actual images.
They could be still on the Mediacard if you have not deleted them.
Do you think that is possible?
When a program loads data [ any program any data]
It is simply accessing that data whereever it is located in the Computer or externally[a camera in this case or a card reader]
It may a have a memory facility so that what you did last is retained but a program as such keeps nothing anymore than a telephone lets say keeps the voice- it simply accesses it.

When a program access images in this external source they should then be transferred to a folder on the computer by using the Edit/select all/ Copy
in the extrenal source then moving to a folder of your making and selecting Edit/Paste

This is something YOU have to do the programs do not do it for you.

As said earleir and elswher IMHO software supplied with camera is best left in te box
Let Windoze do the work.

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