camcorder - transfer of video

  basherb 20:56 04 Sep 2003

i want to transfer my film from my camcoder (jvc gr-dv4000ek) to the pc using windows movie maker unfortunatley it will not let me.i go through the wizard until i get to video settings then click next and recieve a message 'An interface has too many methods to fire events from'. i check the help and noticed that it mentioned ieee firewire conections.i know i have this on my computer so do i need another type of cable/connection i have connected through the usb(supplied cable). i can transfer film using the supplied software but as a novice it is a bit complicated.can you suggest a easy way of transfering film to my pc and how do i connect windows movie maker?. thanks

  y_not 21:26 04 Sep 2003

Firewire is a high speed connection needed for the transfer of the massive quantity of data from a camcorder file.

The cable is different to the USB cable but only costs a few pounds.

Personally I dislike XP so can't advise on Moviemaker. I open Pinnacle Studio 8, go to the capture screen, select the capture device (camcorder) and hit the record button.

This operation will transfer an AVI file onto your PC ......... what do you plan to do with it then?

  basherb 21:31 04 Sep 2003

thanks . i would like to transfer it to disc to play on my dvd /tv. pinncle 8 looks like it is easy i will try it. thanks again

  Antz 21:34 04 Sep 2003

Given that your model has Dv in its model number it is probably digital and therefore has firewire out capability. If you are serious about capturing good quality video you need to install a firewire card ( maybe you have one) and connect your to your p.c via a firewire cable.USB is no good for serious capture as the transfer speeds are too low. ( usb 2.0 is faster than firewire but i don't think dv cameras have caught up with it yet). Also, windows movie maker renders in it's own windows format, fine for playing on your p.c but no good for transferring to vcd or dvd, it simply won't play on a dvd player. Ulead video studio is one of many good video editing packages for the beginner. click here. Also visit click here for a huge information base and forums on exactly what you need to know.

  basherb 21:38 04 Sep 2003

thank you very much i will certainly be viewing these. hopefully one day i will be in a position to advise. thanks again.

  GroupFC 21:50 04 Sep 2003

I'm quite interested in getting into some video editing and being a novice (and a bit of a computer
dimwit!) I was going to use Windows Movimaker (2).

I was under the impression from studying the help files that the finished movie can be saved in different file types and can be saved in a format to record to CD. Have I missed something here?

  Antz 21:58 04 Sep 2003

I've never looked hard enough at moviemaker to determine if this is the case. I apologise if I have missed something. I do remember reading somewhere that there are converters available to to convert wma to mpeg. But why would you want to keep converting from one format to another, every conversion will affect the quality of the finished project. I am sure somebody knows more about moviemaker than I do, but I personally would not recommend it..................However, it's free and that's a big plus for the beginner.

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