Camcorder to PC

  daisy2bell 22:23 29 Nov 2004

How can I transfer my camcorder (non digital)films to my computer, and once on the PC how would I burn them to DVD.

  Danoh 22:50 29 Nov 2004

You can get an analogue to digital convertor box of tricks. You plug your analogue Camcorder at one end and the PC or standalone DVD recorder-player.

Once on the PC, you could use a software program to edit the best bits into a different order, add fades, music, voice-overs, etc.

Then when you are happy with the completed production, you would use some software program to burn to an internal or external DVD writer.

A standalone DVD recorder-player could be able to store a large video file before burning a DVD if it has a hard disk. Some even have basic video editing functions. If there is no storage media, it will simply create a DVD directly from whatever the analogue player is outputting (continously).

  stlucia 08:44 30 Nov 2004

It's American, but this site click here will give you an idea of what kind of "box of tricks" are available to convert your analogue into digital and get it into your PC. Then you can do a more-specific Google search for a UK source once you've seen what you want.

Once the video is in your PC, you can then use one of the mainstream DVD burning softwares (Roxio, Nero, Sonic, etc.) to do some basic editing and put it onto DVD. If you want more sophisticated editing, you will probably need to go for a dedicated editing software such as Pinnacle, Ulead, Adobe before you do the burn.

  john-232317 09:16 30 Nov 2004

Thanks for the there is some magic kit on there.

  TomJerry 10:17 30 Nov 2004

a lot of suggestions including specific products and retail links

search for "vhs to PC" etc you will find them

  daisy2bell 11:17 30 Nov 2004

Thanks for that guys

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