Camcorder To PC

  Macaonasa 11:37 21 Aug 2003

Please gimme some links to explaining how to get recordings from my Samsung camcorder into my PC and then onto CD etc.

  WaiKent 11:40 21 Aug 2003

is your camcorder a digital 8 or mini dv, they are the only ones to be uploaded via USB. or get a tape streamer. also search on google to find some links.

  The Sack 11:59 21 Aug 2003

Mini DV would be too fast for USB (unless you meant USB2) wouldnt it? for DV you need either Firewire or less likey USB2 as the data is streamed at about 100Mbs, USB can only handle 12Mbs

  Chegs ® 12:04 21 Aug 2003

Does your camera have DV-IN/OUT. What OS do you use,as XP has MovieMaker which does the job of editting the AVI files.Does your puter possess IE1394 port? Type Video Editting into google and it will give you lots of info.

  christmascracker 12:07 21 Aug 2003

I've just got a Canon Mini DV camera.

I use the usb for downloading stills and have just bought and fitted a firewire card for getting video's onto the pc.

Why not try the Samsung site or (which I find really useful) click here or click here

  plankton 12:33 21 Aug 2003

or click here or click here
. There's loads of stuff all over.......good luck.

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