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  nurn 17:01 02 Jan 2004

I am in the process of buying a camcorder nv-gs50b as reviewed in pc advisor and have seen on the net pv-gs50s on an american site the spec looks very nearly the same but I am concerned with the charger working in the u.k and also the recording format being different NSTC and PAL in the u.k but on both it says mpeg4, also will I get charged import duty off the courier

  LastChip 18:36 02 Jan 2004

When I was out in the US last year, I looked at Camcorders and considered the merits (or not) of buying one.

In the end, I decided to get a PAL Camcorder, as if you want to connect directly to a TV in the UK, you need the PAL format for compatibility, or a TV that will accept either formats (uncommon!).

The charger supplied is dual voltage, so can be used straight into a 110v or 240v socket.

The mpeg4 reference, relates to converting tapes to DVD for example, and is used as far as I know throughout the world.

As regards a Tax liability, I have no idea whether you would be subject to tax or not. I guess it comes under the rules relating to the value of gifts/products you may buy in a non EEC country, whatever value that is!! I suspect however, the dreaded VAT will come into play somewhere.

  MichelleC 19:15 02 Jan 2004

Just to add; you'll have to pay import tax from usa. I think the mpeg4 format is also DivX. (The mpeg4 was brought in to rival mpeg2.) This cam is aimed at straight to dvd, but you can get codec converters if you want to print to tape.

  nurn 21:36 02 Jan 2004

Thankyou lastchip and michelle c for your help

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