camcorder footage to hardrive problems

  flywheel 14:07 05 Apr 2006

both my friend and i have windows xp plus 2.8ghz and big hard drives. the problems we are both suffering are choppy footage. we have tried everything we have read to try and elimiate this but we just cant. we record railway footage and we are trying to get a dvd together of all the things we have recorded. it seems fine just to record the family and the usual stuff. but as soon as you try to do something moving faster than 5 miles per hour choppy recording. its also present when transfering from camcorder to hardrive.
what i would like to know is , is it possible to import raw footage that is fast moving, to a windows based pc . ie cars trains or horses. i also have a £68 dvd recorder which will do this with no problems but we do ned the computers edit facility. we have tried different softwares for capturing and most other things. thanks

  johndrew 14:24 05 Apr 2006

What medium on the PC or externally are you using for your capture?

What are you importing from? VCR? Camera?

What software are you using?

I import from a VCR via a TV card using Pinnacle and all works well for me even when some of the material is quite high speed i.e. military aircraft.

  GroupFC 15:18 05 Apr 2006

It's not clear from your post - is this footage you have recorded yourself? Does it playaback ok on the camcorder? What is the playback like if you hook up the camcorder to the TV?

  flywheel 16:03 05 Apr 2006

sorry i think i rushed my question. first i tried using the basic capture card that came with the pc using windows movie maker 2. ive also tried roxio and other codecs tmpng i think i tried as well, i also used one which showed dropped frames , of which i suffered lots. even after defragmenting the hard drive. yes its footage i recorded myself and its fine , i record mine direct to dvd recorder with no problems using firewire. its when we connect to the pc thats 2 different pcs using 2 different camcorders , that we both get the same problems.
i use a time computer amd2.2ghz 512 ram 120 gb hardrive. we both use sony camcorders ive a digi 8 and my friend has minidv we both film at the same time and the footage looks fine on any other medium ie tv recorded to vhs svhs dvd recorder. its just a shame that we cant seem to be able to make it work on the computer. as this offers better edit facility than my dvd recorder.
thanks for your help.

  GroupFC 17:00 05 Apr 2006

I am still not quite clear how you are connecting the camcorder to the pc (" tried using the basic capture card").

When I transfer my video from Camcorder to pc, I connect using the firewire connection. I must admit I haven't tried capturing using MM2 - if I get time I'll have a go tonight and see what it's like - what format are you trying to capture in?

If you are using MM2 a couple of sites to have a look at are
click here
click here and click here

(ok, three actually!).

  stlucia 19:30 05 Apr 2006

There's nothing basically wrong with your PC spec. I download from my DV camera using firewire, and Pinnacle software. Mine's a 600Mhz Athlon, and the results are top quality -- including air shows.

The download is in avi format from the camera tape, and it's huge. After editing to my satisfaction, Pinnacle "renders" it into MPEG2 output which I then burn onto a DVD using Roxio.

From what I've read, I think that maybe MM2 doesn't give the highest quality output. Or could it be that your input is only in "draft" or "review" mode or something like that?

  fazer 12:45 06 Apr 2006

This may seem a stupid question but in your first posting you state " ... its also present when transferring from camcorder to hardrive." You are'nt judging the footage by whats been downloaded are you - ie preview?

Preview whilst downloading is never (or rarely anyway) smooth because the downlaod time is much shorter than "real-time" meaning you only see a digital fast forward (my words!)version of the footage - the faster the dowmlaod the choppier the preview will be.

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