Camcorder driver software

  spread72 22:53 13 Oct 2005

I recently bought a Panasonic NV-GS17 camcorder from Dixons at Heathrow, lovely little thing, so light and fits great in the palm of my hand. So, having filmed everything that moved in Manhatton for days, I reterned home only to find that I'm restricted to transfering to tape. I've shopped around but all I can find is editing software when all I want is a driver, any ideas?

Thanks all.

  woodchip 23:17 13 Oct 2005

What is the output connection from the camera

  spread72 23:18 13 Oct 2005


  woodchip 23:21 13 Oct 2005

Yes if you are on XP movie maker should pick the camera up. go into setup and check the settings. Also Sonic MYDVD will work with it

  spread72 23:23 13 Oct 2005

I'll give it a go. Thanks

  john-232317 10:58 14 Oct 2005

Firewire connection will give much better results.

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