Camcorder to CD - the best way?

  Brushy 12:33 04 Jan 2003
  Brushy 12:33 04 Jan 2003

I have no experience with video capturing, and wondered if anyone had advice on the best way to transfer video from my analogue camcorder, edit and cut it, and burn onto CD? I have only found Adaptec's 'Videoh! CD' product so far, and wondered if anyone had any comments or further recommendations? I do not intend to be the next Spielberg, my requirements are not cutting edge...! The Adaptec link is:

click here

Thanks for your help!

  siouxah1 17:59 04 Jan 2003

Hello Brushy,
Do you

1 Have a means of capturing your video?

2 Did an editing programme come bundled with it?

3 Do you have CDRW drive and software?

4 Do you wish to put VCD or SVCD to the CD?

Or is it just the editing programme you are querying?

There are a couple other people who are more knowledgable and will no doubt pick up your thread.

  snowdrop 18:16 04 Jan 2003

try the belkin video bus, ideal for analogue, comes with video and l + r audio leads plus s-video connection, plugs in via usb, you then need the software, I use videowave, only problem with this is you cannot hear the sound when editing, you must remember to set the capture to which ever card you use and select the PAL option for the UK

  Brushy 20:14 04 Jan 2003

Thanks, siouxah1 for your reply - to clarify, I am a Video Virgin - i.e. I have a Camcorder with no software, so I have no present means for capturing software, as none came bundled. I have a CDRW and DVD Player on my PC (AMD 1700, 256 Mb RAM, 20Gb H/D), and I guess VCD will do me (MPEG1), as I understand this will play back on my PC, and most commercial DVD's through the TV. (I hope I have understood this correctly).
That's why I thought the Adaptec would do.

Snowdrop - similarly, thank you for your detailed reply. Where might I go about purchasing this?

Thanks both,


  Joe McG 20:23 04 Jan 2003

Brushy, if you are going to be doing video-editing, i think you will probably be advised to get a larger hard drive.

  Joe McG 20:26 04 Jan 2003 here

  Brushy 20:41 04 Jan 2003

Thanks, Joe McG !
Very useful and looks to be the perfect answer, and supports Snowdrop's answer above.

I am however curious as to why I might need a larger HD - I generally understood 450 MB free disk space per 10 minutes of captured video would be OK, and this would certainly be within my parameters. However, if you know different, pls advise! Embarassingly enough, I have double-checked, and actually have a 25Gb HD, 22Gb free <s>. <sigh>You can't get the staff these days......

Much appreciated,

  Joe McG 20:49 04 Jan 2003

the amount of space available to audit video, is calculated by the resolution of the film you are making.
I only have done a small bit of editing, but some of my files were working out, at well over 1Gb per 2 minutes.

Funnily enough a friend told me that I was overdoing the resolution, which really means that you are probably right.

Good luck, in your editing, i wish i had a lot more time to try myself

  Brushy 20:55 04 Jan 2003

Thanks, Joe,

Much appreciated and now resolved. Remember me when my first film is out..... <lol>


  ordep 21:16 04 Jan 2003

Sounds like your using "full quality capture".
Try using "preview quality capture". you use much less HD space

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