Camcorder 8mm clips conversion to digital

  JClthd 22:27 19 Jan 2005

Hi - I have an old (but perfectly working)8mm tape camcorder - which is rapidly becoming out dated. I have many 8mm tapes which I would like to convert to digital for keeping on say DVD & on my computer.
Can any 1 advise me how I could do this in plain english.
John. ([email protected])

  paddy75 22:36 19 Jan 2005

JClthd,type analog to digital in the search box top left and see what comes up. Paddy

  handful 07:50 20 Jan 2005

JClthd - I had the same dilemma a couple of years ago and eventually decided to buy a Digital 8 camcorder. This allows you to play analogue 8mm tapes back and you can then either burn them to cd/dvd or alternatively if you buy a camera with in/out capability, you can copy back to Digital 8 tape. If you are anything like me, two years later I still haven't got round to actually doing it!!

  scotty 09:56 20 Jan 2005

I went down the same route as handful. Sony make Digital8 cameras. Most (but not all) allow you to use analogue 8mm tapes and will output to your pc over a Firewire (or IEEE 1394) interface. I recall that Sony use another name for this interface.

If you go down this route you will need a firewire interface on your pc, a DVD writer and a suitably fast system (at least 800Mhz, large 7200rpm disc preferably a separate one from your C: drive). You will also need some software to convert the files into DVD movies.

Typically you will get 1-2 hours on video on a DVD. Digital video files are hugh, you will not want to keep them on your hard drive.

The other option is to buy a card for your pc which will take the analogue video signal and convert it to digital. Perhaps someone else will suggest a suitable card for going down that route.

Advantages of the Digital8 route are that you get a new camcorder. Digital8 tend to be cheaper than some of the other formats. Only down side is that Digital8 camcorders are not as small as some others but if being able to put it in your pocket is not a requirement they are a good solution.

  daisy2bell 10:10 20 Jan 2005

I have a Sony mini DV Digital Handycam, and I can conect my old non digital camcorder to the Sony, and then copy the film to hard drive and then burn it to DVD.
Hope this helps

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