Calling PCA Website Gurus

  [DELETED] 17:10 22 Oct 2004

Not driven by ego but a need to look at previous Qs and As.

I used to be Not THAT Brian May but due to a problem (now resolved) I had to change my email address and PCA logon.

I find now that I cannot access my previous life's posts.

I sent an email to the 'Management' but have had no reply (weeks ago).

I've tried searching for my previous incarnation but to no avail.

Have I lost the past 3 year's data?

  Newuser38 19:05 22 Oct 2004

All 'My Postings' were archived last year, except for one years worth. I think it happened in Jan 2003. I gues your whole lot will have been archived, and no one can get at here
Could you try going back to your previous life and see if that gives you access to the last 2 years.

  [DELETED] 18:24 24 Oct 2004

I tried re joining giving all the details exactly the same, name address, phone number, email and nickname.

It tells me the nickname is in use. I bl**dy well know it is - IT'S ME but it won't let me in.

Can ANYONE help? Talk about TOMs (totally obdedient morons).

It is SO frustrating.

Thanks for responding Newuser.

  [DELETED] 18:31 24 Oct 2004

Unless you can log on with your old name you've lost them.

  VoG II 18:33 24 Oct 2004

Have you tried logging in using your old e-mail address and password?

  dan 11 18:37 24 Oct 2004

I suppose you have tried this. Deleting your cookies and then bring up the PCA web site. The e-mail address and password should be clear. Type your old e-mail address and password. This should take you to your old account.

If successful you could then import all your old postings to a folder in your fav's.

If you have done this then disregard my ramblings. ;-)

  Forum Editor 19:00 24 Oct 2004

log in with your old email address and password, as VoG™ suggests? You'll find that you can do so. Then, when you're happy that all is well, let me know and I'll disable this identity - we're not keen on multiple identities, so you can only have one of them.

You decide.

  Brian-336451 19:04 24 Oct 2004

As you, demonstrating that your old login is active. By the way, don't use any more asterisked words like that please.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 19:23 24 Oct 2004

i also have another account with my yahoo account,this was becouse after changing my e-mail addy it would not let me in,it still does not,i used the password recovery and it said an e-mail with password was sent to that address,it never got there,so i created a new user big ben strikes 10 again so people would still know me,but here is something i am very curious about is the fact that on my post on my 1st account "a whole CD on to 500 floppies" i get the message someone has responded when i am using my new account.this only happened when i responded to my own thread,is there a conflict?.thanks alot FE.ben

  [DELETED] 18:42 25 Oct 2004


I used my old email and my old password (I can send you the PCAdvisor email detailing them) but I still can't get in.

I'm now THOROUGHLY confused. *s for the *sterisks - t*ke your point but they r*sh out of my fingers when I'm s* frustrated.

I've tried SO many combinations to get back in and am prepared to give up.

Could you possibly email me with the login that you used. There's no rush as I realise you are busy (tarting up another picture of a YOUNG man eh?)

Thank you PT.

Regards Brian

Yes, guys that responded, I'd tried to do ALL the things mentioned - I appreciate the feedback as it confirmed what I'd tried.

BIG Ben appears to be in a similar position.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:02 25 Oct 2004

really the FE is serious,i wouldn't be cheeky if i were you,"*s for the *sterisks - t*ke your point but they r*sh out of my fingers when I'm s* frustrated.",you might aswell say them with out the asterisks,they mean the same thing with or without.i aint no goody-too-shoes,but if you wan't to keep any of the accounts,well you know.yes we are in simialar position,i am awaiting a reply from the forum editor,good luck.ben

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