Calling all network gurus!

  Fateful Shadow 14:03 02 Jun 2004

If anyone can, I need some answers to (quite a few) questions about putting broadband on 2 computers.

1. Does this network config. look ok:

Internet -> Modem -> Router, and then it branches to the PC and laptop

2. Is a router in effect just a connection splitter?

3. Can a router do things like block ports, etc. sort of like a firewall? Do they need to be configured or is it 'Plug and play' (like that exists anymore :P)?

4. For a wired connection, what types of wires would be needed?

5. For a wireless connection, can the PC be wired to the router and the laptop be wireless?

That's it. Sorry the list is so long, but netowrking really isn't my thing! Any answers anyone can give would be really helpful.

Thanks again :)

  TomJerry 14:12 02 Jun 2004

1: Good. Beware, router only has lan (Ethernet) connection port, so usb modem is rubbish for this task. Better to get a router with build in modem.

2: Yes, correct in a way.

3: Some router have hardware firewall build in, but some do not.

4: Cat 5e (very cheap in ebuyer (not ebay) click here

5. Yes. I think you better to get a all in one: Modem, router, wireless access point and firewall. Many to chose from, D-link, netgear, linksys etc, personally I like D-link. The stuff will cost you around £100, you can check it out from broadbandbuyer click here

  TomJerry 14:15 02 Jun 2004

D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbp Wireless ADSL Router w/Free DWL-G650+ Laptop Card, click here

everything you need

  johnnyrocker 14:31 02 Jun 2004
  byfordr 14:33 02 Jun 2004

Or DG834G £90 - £95 click here
Just select the type of free wireless adapter. The desktop can be wired in through CAT5e (included) A breeze to set up.

or click here has a good selection of kit with good deals.

1)3)5) Go for an all in one. Saves hassles
2) Sort of
4) cat5(e) for 10/100 network cat6 10/100/1000 network


  SEASHANTY 15:21 02 Jun 2004

Shame you did not mention whether the Broadband was
cable or ADSL. It does make a difference.

  SEASHANTY 15:29 02 Jun 2004

Types of routers
click here

  Fateful Shadow 18:14 02 Jun 2004

Thanks for all the replies. They'll come in useful soon when broadband appears here. Seashanty, it's ADSL broadband.

Thanks :)

  Gaz 25 18:52 02 Jun 2004

Running one of these, it works very well...

click here

  Fateful Shadow 20:28 02 Jun 2004

Thanks for all the replies so far, but I've thought of another two things (sorry!):

1. Do the routers/cards/etc. require a driver or something similar?

2. If the PC is the main computer and the network is wireless, can the PC still be connected to the router via a cable and not a wireles card?

Thanks again :)

  TomJerry 23:44 02 Jun 2004

1. A router has its own software (in the form of firmware), doe not require driver and can work independently, i.e. it still wroks with all computer switch off. But the network card (adptor) either wired or wireless need driver to install on host PC. You will get the driver when you get the stuff and you can also download from manufatcurer's own web site.

2. All depend on the router you get. Some router has both wired and wireless connection, some only have either wireless or wired. The D-Link one I suggested above has 4 wired connection port (so 4 wired PC) and wireless can support up to 32 devices (PC, PDA or wireless bridge /range extender).

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