Calling all HomeSite/PHP users

  Taran 22:36 22 Jan 2004

This may be a bit cheeky, but Macromedia are looking for feedback from anyone who uses their HomeSite product [formerly produced by Allaire] for PHP work.

The feedback will be used to assist future development of the product, and although it is one of the best if not THE best code editors out there, its PHP support is a bit lacking and this is what they [Macromedia] are trying to address through user feedback.

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I've already given them my two penneth, but anyone who may use HomeSite for PHP would be doing all other HomeSite users a service by responding.

If you don't use HomeSite yourself but know someone who does, tell them about this. It's what will shape our future software and hats of to Macromedia for taking the time to ask their customers and userbase.


  Taran 15:31 23 Jan 2004

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I realise that there are probably few, if any, HomeSite/PHP users in the forum but, just in case, I'll let this run for a few days.

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