Calling all Excel experts - I need help

  Forum Editor 16:54 06 Dec 2018

Regular forum users will know that I am not that clever when it comes to Excel tweaks, so I'm hoping someone can help with this.

I have a workbook with multiple sheets, all of which have the same layout, same number of columns and formatting, but different names.

In column H on each sheet there is a due date in each row. I want to get Excel to send me an alert one day in advance of each due date in each row in column H on each sheet. An added enhancement would be to have the text colour in the cell change when the alert is sent.

I know I can do this for individual cells, but can I apply it to a whole column of cells with differing dates and to multiple sheets?

You'll make me a happy man if you can tell me how.

  difarn 17:53 08 Dec 2018

You should be able to get text colour in the cells to change after an alert by

Clicking on the format button In Format Cells select the fill tab Select the colour that you want to see the text change to in the next 30 days.

I think you can do what you ask about sending alerts for a wole colmn of cells with differing dates. This article gives clear instructions and explanation. I hope it helps.

click here

  Forum Editor 10:08 09 Dec 2018


Thank you. That looks very helpful.

I has already managed to get Excel to highlight cells several days in advance of the due date. Now I'll work through the suggestions in your link.

  difarn 18:48 09 Dec 2018

Good luck!

  wiganken2 13:29 10 Dec 2018

There is also the Microsoft Office forum where Office experts visit: - click here

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