Caller ID

  seedie 14:33 12 Jan 2003
  seedie 14:33 12 Jan 2003

Anyone out there know of a free popup caller id proggy. My Modem seems to support this.

Many thanks


  Rtus 14:44 12 Jan 2003

usually the software available with the modem offers this ( bitware )but it has to be a bt line option too .

  graham 15:39 12 Jan 2003

BT will make a small charge for caller ID. Presumably you would want to use this in conjunction with Call Waiting (another charge) to decide whether to take the call? The call waiting beep may cause your internet connection to drop, though.

  seedie 15:52 12 Jan 2003

The software with the modem is a firm called TRIO.

The helpfile mentions C.I.D but can't find what it talks about. Think I've got some bitware somewhere-I'll have a look


think BT charege £1.50/month for the facility, no, don't want call waiting.

Anyone else ?

  graham 17:01 12 Jan 2003

So this would be a pop-up when you are not on line, sorry, can't be of help.

  graham 17:05 12 Jan 2003

Don't know if this offers a solution

click here

  Rtus 17:28 12 Jan 2003

the modem I use offers caller id as part of software package called Webphone .Supervoice.Try looking at the driver cd under explorer and read each Txt file or pdf (adobe acrobat) I dont actually use my modem for anything but surfing.

  seedie 18:18 12 Jan 2003

you seem to be on the right track with this one

I'll have a look

  siarad 18:32 12 Jan 2003

Dream on, most if not all modems are not true UK. Caller ID wont work as it's USA style that comes after the first ring whereas BT send it before the first ring. Pace & Psion, both now defunct made UK modems that worked with caller ID. Symantec have a free download to give Caller ID check the site. It's very annoying that all these Magazines fail to complain of this continuing fault of modem suppliers, yes I have complained to both without effect.

  seedie 18:58 12 Jan 2003

Thanks for the info. Sorry to lead other guys astray :) I'll try symantic tomorrow.

Thanks fellas.


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