Caller display on my PC

  JKHypno 10:15 15 Jan 2010

I've done searches and seen links to software that claims to put caller display onto my PC, is this really possible and, if not...why?

My pc is on a wired connection to my BT homehub, I've got caller display and it works on handsets and the caller display unit that I got from BT.

I know I could just get a phone with caller ID next to my computer, but I 'could just' do a lot of things, and advances in technology haven come from questions like mine:-)

John K.

  blink2gb 11:56 15 Jan 2010
  FreeCell 12:00 15 Jan 2010

I suspect that what you are looking to do won't work as your PC is currently connected only to the broadband connection. Your phone line is electronically split into two, one for broadband data and the other handling the voice calls. The broadband modem only detects the part of the line with data traffic and ignores the voice.

The only way to get your PC to detect any voice call would be to connect a phone modem (many PCs still have the dial up modem installed) to your telephone line and then find some software that would act as a caller display, such as click here. Not tried this so more research may find a better alternative.

  JKHypno 12:15 15 Jan 2010

It does seem that you are right, Freecell, it's just the thought that my telephone handset is actually plugged into my BT Homehub, where I can opt to have it ring for my normal landline number or my BT Broadband nuber, or both I believe.

I only use my home number but as it connects and rings via the hyb, I thought there should be a way for this to activate a caller display number too.



  m800afc 22:56 15 Jan 2010

Windows XP Pro SP2; ASRock 775VM800;
Pentium 4; 3GHz; 2Gb RAM

My mouse is sticking, amongst other places on the scroll bars and title bars of most of my applications. I used to just click on the scroll bar, and release it when I wanted to. I now have to click on, slide and click off. Same with the title bar. The mouse is "sticky". In addition to this, when I am using any text editor to highlight text, for example when cutting and pasting, I have to click at the start, drag to the end and then click at the end before I can ctrl-c.
How can I unstick it. It happens no matter which mouse I use, so I know it is not a physical mouse problem.
Everything I have found on t'interweb just tells me to clean my mouse, which is definitely not the solution.

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