call of duty / sidewinder

  sunways 12:13 11 Mar 2006

Hi all, i wish to play call of duty 2, using microsoft's sidewinder game controller. I am new to gaming and am tired of using the key board. Any advice on setting up the sidewinder in general, and in particular for this game.

XP home sp2

  Starfox 15:30 11 Mar 2006

To the best of my knowledge there is no Joystick/Gamepad support for this game.You could try going into options from the game screen,selecting shoot and move and then try clicking on an action and when requested press a button on your Joystick/Gamepad and see if it accepts the action.

To be honest the game is best played with the keyboard and mouse,I know this takes some doing to begin with but it really is worth the effort once you get used to it.

I have found that the best settings are-

Forward - up arrow

Back - down arrow

Strafe left -left arrow

Strafe right -right arrow

Jump ins(numpad 0)

Crouch right control

Prone - end

Primary fire - left mouse

Look down the sight - right mouse

Give these a try and post back if you have problems.


  ACOLYTE 15:36 11 Mar 2006

I would also add dont alter the default graffix settings when u first install the game run it first and see what they are like if you alter them first the game may run really slow.

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