Call Of Duty Failing to load up

  Ade_1 11:04 14 Jan 2006

I am wanting to play Call of duty single player, i have played it many a times before on this computer but for some reason all that happens if a box with Call of duty appears in the screen after i have clicked single player and then nothing elsse happens... what can i do ?

  Ade_1 11:08 14 Jan 2006

multiplayer will come up but not single player... i am really confused

  Ade_1 11:10 14 Jan 2006

I have checked the processes to see if it was there, it is, it is CoDSP.exe so im assuming thats call of duty single player. So any ideas as to why it wont load up?

  [DELETED] 11:21 14 Jan 2006

What graphics card/driver version are you using?

Have you changed anything or updated the drivers since you last played the game?

Do you have all the latest patches for the game installed?

  Ade_1 11:26 14 Jan 2006

everythign seems ok now working fine(a bit odd), but i am using an ATI Radeon x300. Thanks for reply :) much appriciated

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