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  morddwyd 20:54 09 May 2011

Just had to change some car insurance details and was put onto the dreaded non-UK call centre.

A job that should have taken two minutes took twenty.

I'm afraid they have now lost my business.

Any recommendations for decent motor insurers with UK call centres?

  Condom 21:14 09 May 2011

I went with the AA this year and received an amazingly competative quote for a major company. I was assured that I would have access to UK Call Centres but so far I have not had to test the assurance. I've just had the nightmare of BT's Indian Call Centres and I'm doing my very best to get out of any committment I may have made to them.

  Woolwell 21:39 09 May 2011


  lucky1 21:56 09 May 2011

Don't laugh but we've been with Kwik Fit Insurance for several years. Guaranteed UK call centres and very helpful and competitive they are too.

  spuds 23:44 09 May 2011

Three years ago I had insurance through the Post Office, last and this year it was from the Cooperative. Both use the BSL (compare insurance) call centre in Peterborough.

Argos use a call centre in the North of England, wouldn't recommend them though, the price is cheap, but the customer service is poor.

Regarding Kwik Fit, a neighbours young lad uses them, and he is constantly changing his 'must go faster' super cars. He seems to get on well with that insurance outlet.

  Graham. 00:46 10 May 2011

I've been with Swinton for donkey's years for car and home insurance. They'll find the best deal for you Swinton

  morddwyd 06:36 10 May 2011

Thanks all

  anchor 09:05 10 May 2011

Churchill Insurance call centres are bases in the UK.

Quote from their web site

"All Churchill's contact centres are in the UK, so you will never need to speak to a person based in another country"

  spuds 11:44 10 May 2011


I used Swinton for a number of years for car and home insurance, but I gave up with them when I found that their renewals were becoming expensive, compared to their on-line quotes. The local (now closed) Swinton agency would price-match if I brought in the on-line quotation. Without that printed quote, they said that they couldn't do anything, except to accept the renewal letter figure for insurance continuation?.

I also found that the AA and Swinton could quote the same insurance company with the same terms and conditions, but the AA was far more expensive, due to what they stated "we the AA give a better service".

Both companies eventually lost my business, and I now use on-line compare insurance recommendations. Far cheaper and just as good, if not better!.

  woodchip 12:01 10 May 2011

Liverpool Victoria

  morddwyd 12:55 10 May 2011

Used them for home insurance for about twenty years.

Perhaps I'll get a discount!

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