Calculate winnings from Lottery perm?

  pj123 12:09 24 Sep 2003

I run a ?swindle? (Lottery) syndicate. We do a perm of any 6 from 8. I had a programme sometime ago that gave me the ?winnings? results. e.g. any 3 numbers correct would give 10 winning tickets, any 4 would give 6 tickets with 4 on and 16 tickets with 3 on, any 5 would yield 3 x 5, 15 x 4 and 10 x 3, any 6 would be 1 x 6, 6 x 5 with bonus, 6 x 5 and 15 x 4. etc? I have lost the programme now and I can?t remember how I did it. Anyone know of a programme to do it. The reason is because we are just about to go from 6 from 8 to 6 from 9 which means 84 tickets instead of 28 so the ?winnings? needs to be redone. Thanks.

  Peverelli 13:29 24 Sep 2003

The formula in excel is =COMBIN(A,B)*COMBIN(C-A,6-B)

A= Winning Numbers

B= 3 (for winning lines of 3 numbers), 4 (for winning lines of 4 numbers) etc.

C= Numbers picked (in your case, 9)

So to find out how many winning lines of 3, when you have 5 numbers up it will be:

=COMBIN(5,3)*COMBIN(9-5,6-3) which becomes

=COMBIN(5,3)*COMBIN(4,3) which equals 40.

I can email the little excel program I've written, if you like.

  pj123 13:43 24 Sep 2003

You are a star. Yes, I would like the "little" programme. Thank you very much.

  Stuartli 15:29 24 Sep 2003

But you've got to win first to have any use for the program...:-)

But a perm of any six from eight is a straightforward number; presumably you are covering, perhaps, any six from eight, any seven from eight (which is eight) and all eight numbers.

Perhaps this will help:

click here

Just as a point of (financial) interest, if you do the same entry numbers at your local bookmakers, you will be far, far better off than on the Lottery if and when you win.

On the Lottery, no matter how many times you get three correct numbers you only get £10 - in the bookies it's up to £512 depending on whether the draw is from 42 (Irish) or 49 numbers (UK).

Other successful numbers listings bring equally handsome dividends. You can even bet on just one number, which pays a £6.50 dividend if you get it right.

  Mango Grummit 15:44 24 Sep 2003

As Stu says:- But you've got to win first to have any use for the program...:-)

And when you do you still won't need the program. The banks and accountants will only be too happy to shoulder that responsibility for you.

Good luck!


  Peverelli 16:16 24 Sep 2003

Your link provides the info on how to 'perm' any 6 from 8 etc. but pj123's problem is slightly more complicated as we have to make an extra calculation (ie. any 3 from 6 from 9, as it were). Yes the bookies give better 'odds' but then again they're got going to make you a multi-millionaire.

pj123 can, of course, 'perm' any 3 from 9 in the bookies (costing £84) but if he WAS lucky to pick all 6 winning numbers he'll 'only' win £43,008 (84x£512) - slightly less than the lottery's jackpot amount.

  pj123 17:31 24 Sep 2003

Yes, our 6 from 8 perm in use at the moment nets us at least 3 correct numbers about every 4 or 5 weeks. That means 10 tickets with 3 correct = £100 a time. We have also had some 4 correct entries and one 5 correct entry, Still not millionaires yet and we have been doing it since week 1. With more members wanting to join the syndicate we are upping the perm to 6 from 9 to give 84 lines. Maybe even more wins from that.

  Peverelli 17:59 24 Sep 2003

With 9 numbers you should find that you will get 3 numbers up about 30% more frequently, so that'll be £200 a time - although it's costing 3 times as much. Little Excel program has been sent.

  pj123 14:29 25 Sep 2003

Thanks a lot Guys. I think it's solved now, thanks to Peverelli. Yes, got the file will give it a go.

  Stuartli 14:44 25 Sep 2003

I might be wrong but I think pj123 was, probably, asking the total number of combinations from nine numbers entered for the lottery i.e. any three from nine, any four from nine, any five from nine and so on.

Such combinations are readily available and have been for a long time - the football pools had thousands of people using perms such as any eight from 11 (eight draws in a line was the maximum and the top prize; prize sums, however, depended on how many winners were in the cash "pool", just as with the Tote at the race tracks today).

There were also clever perms, usually found in national newspapers, that reduced the cost of perms without cutting back too much the chance of getting eight draws in a line.

  Stuartli 14:45 25 Sep 2003

....but the advice about using a national bookmaker's chain still stands..:-)

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