Caddy HDD disconnects when external power is conne

  wbruyn 19:54 17 Jul 2018

I have a –at least for me- a very strange situation. I hope to find in this forum some answers (or directions to seek further) from people with the right knowledge. Lets first explain the configuration: - Lenovo laptop, Thinkpad E550, 8Gbyte RAM. - SSD drive containing Windows 10, latest version - Latest version UEFI - In the DVD bay a caddy with a SATA HDD, 500Gbyte What happened: 1. With the external power disconnected the laptop boots normal. The HDD is shown as a USB device. The system works as expected. 2. As soon as the external power is connected, within 15 seconds the HDD disconnects. After this has happened, the system refuses to boot or reboot. Boot or reboot is possible as soon as the external power is disconnected again What puzzles me is: a. Why shows the caddy HDD up as a USB? I have another laptop with a caddy and there the HDD is just a second SATA disk So I think when I can come with the Lenovo to a point where the HDD shows up as a SATA HDD my problem is solved b. Is the caddy defining the device type? I mean when the DVD is put into place again, the OS “sees” a ATA device which is correct. As soon as the DVD is replaced by the caddy, the OS “sees” a USB device. c. If it is the caddy defining the device, can caddy’s be ordered with a specific device? In my case this should then be a SATA device. I spend already days on the internet, had contact with the Lenovo helpdesk, had contact with the caddy reseller, spend hours in changing Windows and UEFI settings. Nothing changed the behavior as described above. So who on this planet can provide the right answer(s)?

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