cabling advice for broadband

  User-0FEE6D55-A754-4DE8-88A25EF704A621F4 08:05 11 Sep 2003

I've just got broadband, but due to the location of my pc need to put a new BT socket in another bedroom as i can no longer have 15m of entension cable from 1 bedroom to another.

My question is this, will i still get a good signal if i wire from the 2nd extension to a third? or should I wire direct from the primary socket and remove the wiring to the secondary socket.

hope this makes sense?

  keith-236785 10:14 11 Sep 2003

depends how far away your main socket is?

it would probably be better to go from the main socket but i see no reason why it shouldnt work taking a third one from the second. (sounds a bit wierd lol)

if it is working with an extension from the second socket now then just put a doubler on that socket and run your wire from there.

if you wanted and it made sense, you could run the wire from your primary socket to the broadband connection then take it from there to the other bedroom (making that the third socket)

trial and error seem to be the answer along with what is practical.

good luck

  graham√ 10:20 11 Sep 2003

2nd extension to a 3rd is normal practice. Just make sure the new socket is a secondary, that is, no capacitor.

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