Cable and Wireless Adapter

  Cark 08:15 07 Nov 2006

This is a post to clear up problems i had a few months or even a year ago, i cant remember :P but it is about not being able to pick up a network on a Cable and Wireless USBA10CW3 LAN Mini USB Adapter. (The error was limited or no connectivity without connected or appeared as a constant on/off of the wireless).

Anyone that has bought the device knows what great instructions it came with, the whole A4 sheet with an adapter saying install cd, click yes, click no, and other pointless stuff, what it doesnt say is that the adapter is USB2.0 ready, not 1.1. My computer only has USB1.1 and so, the adapter did not work at first, so i thought id try and give some help :P

Bare in mind ive only been able to do this in Windows XP (because Windows 98 hates me);
- Install the device normally doing as the instructions say
- Under My Network Connections (from Start Menu or control panel i think)look for the wireless connection
- Right Click properties, configure should be somewhere, then its the middle tab, there should be a list
- Scroll down to g_modeUSB1.1 or whatever it is, and click enable under the option list

Your network should hopefully then work, assuming the WEP/WPA is entered right and its not the router, if ive made a mistake can someone please correct me as im in school atm and so cant check this is right

Hope it helps someone :)

  Strawballs 10:01 07 Nov 2006

Well done nice thought.

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