Cable Types

  Kudu 09:57 01 Jul 2003

It seems that the best IDE ribbon cable for connecting up say a hard disk is 40 pin 80 conductor.

When looking at adverts for round cables all the info. given is ATA 133/100/66, the cable colour and sometimes whether it has a braided sheath.

What type of round cable is best and how many conductors do they have and does this matter ?

  Jester2K II 10:06 01 Jul 2003

Round cables will be marked similarly. They will almost certainly be 40 pin 80 conductor. Braided Sheath might be an "Extra" to help cross conductor "noise" however i understood that the purpose of the 80 conductor was to have redundant cables to do the same job.

Maybe someone can correct me but Braided Sheath might be "Gilding The Lilly"

DIY round cables are best as they are 1/3 the price of proprietry ones and can be whatever colour you like.

take a flat ribbon cable and a very sharp scalpel, make an incision (about an inch/2.6 cm) between each two conductors being very careful not to cut into the wire. then insert your finger and pull the split apart so it runs to about 1cm from each connector. repeat this across the ribbon .next take some insulating tape and bind the resultant threads together in the middle and at the ends in a roughly circular shape this will hold them in place ready for you to wrap the entire length with the tape . and there you have it round cables for half the price. ( maybe if you wrap them in tinfoil under the tape you,ll get extra shielding but thats just a thought)

  DieSse 10:58 01 Jul 2003

ATA 133/100/66 are always 80 wire - it's a mandatory requirement. 40 wire cables will only function up to ATA33 maximum, and there is a cut wire (in the ATA 133/100/66) to tell the motherboard the difference.

  Kudu 11:32 01 Jul 2003

Thanks all.Your replies cleared up various points i was unsure about i've a better idea now of what to look for in round cables.

horiz5," high quality round IDE cable ATA 133 £1.80" ( Ebuyer ) so at this price it's easier buying than making your own.

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