Cable & Routers - am I right???

  blackstorm2k 01:13 21 Sep 2005


My sister has recently moved into a new house with some university firends & wants me to a network up for her.

First question: I noticed they're internet connection is provided by Telewest. However, it is a box on a wall and has what looks to be a TV aerial wire that you'd put in the back of a TV! Is this a cable connection? It looks to be a coaxial cable or something (I've never seen anything 'cable' before!)? If it is, how do I connect it up to a network? (I've set up an ADSL network in my home, but using a standard phone line - RJ-45 & RJ-11 style connectors). Where can I find a router that would allow this form of connection?

Second question: My sister is running windows 98SE whereas her friends are all running XP. Can we still network all the computers (I've heard 98 won't talk with XP & 2000)?

Thanks soooo much for your help!

  Taff36 09:00 21 Sep 2005

Yes it`s cable. I presume you are going wireless so you need a wireless Cable router modem. There shouldn`t be any problem with 98SE. I`ll find a link for a modem but I must admit I`ve never had experience of setting one up - my mate is on Telewest, I`ll ask him.

  Taff36 09:12 21 Sep 2005

I think this is the one. click here You perhaps need to check with Telewest that it is compatible. They`ll probably try to flog you an upgrade package but it isn`t necessary from some of the posts I`ve seen on the forum. There`s a way to "Clone the MAC address" so they don`t know which modem you`re actually using.

  Taff36 09:20 21 Sep 2005

And this click here is a gem!

  BH34 09:44 21 Sep 2005

This may help to click here

  blackstorm2k 12:39 21 Sep 2005

Thanks guys! I presume that setting up a network using cable isn't much different to an ADSL one?

I'll probably be able to figure it out if it is anyway.

Cheers guys!!!

  mgmcc 09:15 22 Sep 2005

With Telewest's Cable Broadband, you *MUST* use the modem which is supplied *FREE* by them. Presumably the modem was removed when the previous user cancelled the subscription.

To network PCs with Telewest cable, install a stand-alone router (NOT a combined Router/ADSL Modem) whiuch can be either a "wired" or "wireless" model.

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