A Cable Router or an ADSL Router???

  julius44 19:00 02 Jul 2008

Hi there i just wanted to ask about the diffrence if any btw an ADSL router and a Cable router please??

Also if i connect a DSL router on an ADSL line and vice versa...will it work??? And if it does not work is there any reason WHY please??? i thot a router is a router, plain and simple??

I'd like a good explanation please!!

  wiz-king 19:36 02 Jul 2008

They are totally different systems of modulation so if you have cable you need a cable router ie one fed by coax cable a twisted pair (ADSL) one wont work.Same for the DSL / ADSL different modulation systems.

I think there might be a model that will do two out of the three but I don't know of one that will do all three. ( not cost effective to have all that redundant circuitry)

  MarvintheAndroid 20:39 02 Jul 2008

I don't know about about other countries, but in the UK DSL routers will work with ADSL phone lines. ADSL (and less commonly SDSL) are just types of DSL.

Cable routers are different and not cross-compatible with ADSL.


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