Cable query

  Ray5776 18:20 21 Apr 2006

Hello all,
I currently have 2 PCs networked with a Xover cable and using ICS. I now want to use a Voyager 250 router
hoping it will be a bit more reliable.
From the instructions it seems that the router should be connected with a standard CAT 5 cable.
The PCs are in different rooms and changing the cable will not be easy for various reasons including the fact I don`t have one long enough.

I have been looking on the web for any info on this and some say either cable will work as the router will self adjust if I use a Xover cable.

Can anyone clarify this please, I will change the cable if needs be but don`t want to do so unnecessarily.


  mgmcc 19:35 21 Apr 2006

Routers generally require a "straight-wired" cable. However, rather than replacing your long crossover cable, you can get an RJ45 "coupler" to join two cables and connecting a second *crossover* cable will reverse the crossover effect and give you a straight connection. There are also crossover adapters which would reverse the crossover effect - click here

  Ray5776 20:03 21 Apr 2006

Thanks mgmcc,
I have a spare short Xover cable and a spare short straight cable and Maplins about 3 miles away so lots of easy solutions to save me rewiring.
Still wonder about the router self adjusting to Xover if anyone actually knows, a bit hypothetical now I have a solution but curious anyway.


  lozparry 22:51 21 Apr 2006

I had this issue when I got my router however, it still and always has worked with the Xover cable connected!
btw, I have a 3com router.

  Ray5776 23:06 21 Apr 2006

Thanks lozparry,
I suppose I have nothing to lose by trying it.
If it works or doesn`t it wont matter much either way but the last thing I need is something that works but not properly, this is exactly my reason for trying a router rather than direct connection.

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