Cable connections to extension USB

  Peter-338306 18:33 07 Mar 2003

I have a PcChips 810 motherboard and unfortunately whiles putting in a pci card I disturbed the Extended USB cable.
The motherboard manual states what leads are for i.e.
pin1 = +5V, pin2 = +5V, pin3 = P0-, pin4 = P1-, pin5 = P0+, pin6 = P1+, pin7 & pin8 = GND, pin9 = KEY, pin10 = NC.

My cable has 8 wires (ALL LOOSE) black,green,white,red,black, green,white, red
can anyone help say which should go where

  pj123 23:35 07 Mar 2003

Front USB connections.

There should be 8 cables, 2 red marked V1 or VCC1 and V2 or VCC2, 2 white or yellow marked D1- and D2-, 2 green marked D1+ and D2+ and 2 black marked G1 and G2.

If your motherboard has support for front USB connections you will have a block of 8 or 9 pins marked USB 2.

V1 (red) goes on pin 1, V2 (red) goes on pin 5, D1- goes on pin 2, D2- goes on pin 6. D1+ goes on pin 3, D2+ goes on pin 7. G1 goes on pin 4 and G2 goes on pin 8.

If you have a block of 9 pins, disregard the odd pin as it is not used and the connections are the same as above.

If your motherboard does not have support then obviously you will not be able to use the front USB ports, but you can buy a PCI card with extra USB ports.

  woodchip 23:40 07 Mar 2003

Red to pin one and five, white green black follow in that order

  Peter-338306 00:07 08 Mar 2003

Thanks for your message unfortunately the leads have no markings on so can only go by colour code.

  Peter-338306 00:10 08 Mar 2003

do you mean red to pins 1 & 2 and then in order you stated. as this would make sense as leads in order are red ,white, green black, red, white green black

  woodchip 00:14 08 Mar 2003

No RED goes to pin 1/ and pin 5/ then the colours after each is white green black. You need to look close at the motherboard for marks

  woodchip 00:15 08 Mar 2003

PS there is a set of wire colours for each row

  Peter-338306 00:21 08 Mar 2003

on mother board pin 1 is top left and pin 2 top right with no pin at bottom left. that is why i queried pin numbers. sorry if I sound slow

  woodchip 00:27 08 Mar 2003

You should have ether two rows of 8/ or 10/ pins one row with number 1/ pin should be red to pin 1/ then white green black and if there is another pin 5 that is black also the other row should have ether a pin 5/ or a pin 1/ at the end of the row. if it just says 2/ then put Red to that pin followed by colours

  Peter-338306 00:31 08 Mar 2003

Thanks for help will try.

  pj123 11:28 08 Mar 2003

The top row has 5 pins but the last pin (on its own) is not used. So count the top row as Pin 1 to Pin 4 and the bottom row as pin 5 to Pin 8.

Then the cables go red white green black on the top row and red white green black on the bottom row.

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