cable to connect 'tv out' on graphics card to tv?

  jake williamson 19:22 08 Jan 2004

hey out there,

i need a cable to plug into the tv out port on the back of my nvidia geforce2 mx graphics card and then into the scart port on my mates tv.

has anyone an idea of what i need and what i can expect to pay?

will this basically allow me to use a tv screen as a monitor? i need to take the pc round to his and dont fancy lugging my monitor round!



  johnnyrocker 19:26 08 Jan 2004

generally you will need svs to scart lead, sound will have to be arranged seperately, if you wish to view play content on tv screen (ie media player etc) click here and for 9 quid buy the program that enables transfer from pc to tv (also video) for recording content from pc.


  jake williamson 22:17 08 Jan 2004

wicked, thanks for that.

kelkooing for a svs to scart lead right now...



  DieSse 00:12 09 Jan 2004

You'll probably find it easier to find an svideo-svideo cable (normally easy to get them up to 10m long), and a SCART adapter plug with an svideo (and sound) inputs.

  johnnyrocker 00:25 09 Jan 2004

if you go that route remember to observe male to female connections click here to get a direct svs to scart cable.


  jake williamson 13:31 11 Jan 2004


just had a further look round and would i be right in thinking that the tv-out socket on the graphics card is the same connector on a cable you would use to connect a dvd player to your tv via scart?

if so, i'm in business!



  DieSse 13:59 11 Jan 2004

Maybe - maybe not - depends on the DVD-player and the graphics card!

  jake williamson 09:46 12 Jan 2004


the dvd player is (i think) sony nv-800 and the graphics card is nvidia geforce 128mb card.

would that do it? i've checked the back of the dvd player and it has that connecter.

my worry is to do with johnnyrocker's comments on additional software - if i managed to get the pc to talk to the tv screen, will i actually be able to see the source coming in through the video player?

any thoughts out there?



  DieSse 09:55 12 Jan 2004

You can't nomally feed anything INTO a DVD player - they normally only have outputs.

  jake williamson 09:24 13 Jan 2004

so i think we're saying the same thing...

the cable conntects into the graphics card on the pc and then plays the signal out to the tv via a scart input - so it's like saying the pc is the dvd player?

hows that sound?



  johnnyrocker 09:28 13 Jan 2004

that sounds about on the button but, in my case when i was playing media player all i would see on tv was the player not the content, although desk top could be seen ok, as i say the solution to this was click here which cracked it for me


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