Cable Confusions

  andywg 21:58 18 Sep 2003

Does anyone have any idea where I can purchase the following cable... A sumitomo-y awm 2896 80c vw-1 -f- It came out of an NEC flat screen monitor. I found one from a brazilian company, but they dont ship internationally!

To check the cable description out go here then in the search put the model no in and it will show you a picutre of the cable.

I cant find one!!

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Jester2K II 22:14 18 Sep 2003

You might have a more luck if you tell usthe monitor model number and the cable type (power, signal etc)

  andywg 22:27 18 Sep 2003

Ok, the monitor is an NEC multisync lcd 1525m. And i think, but dont quote me, its a signal cable as it connects to the screen and the main board inside the monitor.

Hope this helps

  Jester2K II 22:30 18 Sep 2003

This is an INTERNAL cable???

  andywg 22:49 18 Sep 2003

Yes it is

  sicknote 22:56 18 Sep 2003

Not to sure if this is any help but this company repairs monitors etc the might be able to help or tell you where to get the part click here

Best of luck

  andywg 23:22 18 Sep 2003

Have just e-mailed them for advice, thanks for the info sicknote.

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