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  dont use nicknames 21:35 09 Jul 2004

trying to connect my laptop to broadband internet. desktop working ok I am using NTL cable top box. When i connect to the laptop using a USB connection I am informed that 'the DHCPserver is not responding, please check modem. 00- 00 - e8 -2a- 68-74
error code 221 Can anyone help

  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 10 Jul 2004


  davidg_richmond 21:38 10 Jul 2004

Can you see an internet connection signal on the modem? Sounds to me like it's not finding the connection. If it is, then you may need to remove all firewalls and set your modem to obtain an IP and DNS address automatically. To do this go to your network connections screen (in WinXP Start/Control Panel/Network & Internet Connections/Network Connections then right-click the modem, choose properties, go into the properties of the TCP/IP item and dot the two 'obtain....' options.

  davidg_richmond 21:41 10 Jul 2004

More help can be obtained from NTL at click here

  The PC Doctor 23:23 10 Jul 2004

ok a couple of thing DUN.

If you are using the usb connection you will need to install the drivers.

If you are using network cable for the desktop and trying to connect the laptop to the usb port at the same time then it wont work. you cannot use both lan/usb ports at the same time.

if you have used the usb in the desktop then just plugged it into the laptop - 1. you need the drivers 2. you need to power down the modem for approx 10-15minutes for it to reset itself as it ties itself into your machine id. from the error code you get i believe this option is the one you are following.

  The PC Doctor 14:54 16 Jul 2004

It would be nice to know if any of our advice has solved your problem !

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