cable for best sound from laptop to tv?

  theDarkness 19:58 12 Mar 2011

I have bought a svga cable for the laptop to show on the tv, but Im not getting any audio, so I obviously need a seperate cable. I am wondering what would give the best quality connection? :- my tv has an svga connection, and next to that is "PC Audio" which doesnt sound too informative as to what cable is required (is it likely to be a simple stereo jack to jack cable)?

I do however see audio L and R as part of 'component in' on the tv however as -could I use a y-cable such as click here would it give a better output on the tv? if either fits that is! :) thanks for any info or recommendation. The tv is a humax 23" lu23-td2/lit23-td2

  SparkyJack 20:04 12 Mar 2011

phone jack then indeed 3.5mm jack tp RCA pair is the way to go as you suggest and link

  theDarkness 20:19 12 Mar 2011

This laptop is basic, just the 3 connections at the front for headphones in, out etc. I was thinking that a normal stereo jack from the headphone connection on the laptop to what must be the "PC Audio" would probably give an inferior quality to the above cable with seperate L+R, but hopefully if I bought the above lead then it would output to the tv ok, and the tv wouldnt expect the audio to only come in through the "PC Audio" socket next to the svga one?

  eedcam 22:00 12 Mar 2011

As you are only talking about bog standard stereo dont think the leads wil make much difference whatever you use

  theDarkness 00:13 13 Mar 2011

ok, good point-with some forums arguing over quality differences even when using differing bog standard types of stereo cabling, I would then assume that these quality differences were more likely down to the quality in manufacturing, and nothing else. but whos to trust brand wise? what would everyone say was the next step up from mere stereo when connecting a pc to a tv? surround sound? The television I connected the laptop to did have a wide range of connections, s-video, component video, svga and hi def (hdmi) etc, but nothing else relating to audio-a nice speaker system would probably be the next step to connect to. while we're on the subject of audio quality, my worst ever headphones so far in quality are still from Sennheiser-but then they were from their budget range in argos :( but I was surprised, I thought they were meant to be "the best", lol

  eedcam 08:26 13 Mar 2011

Quality in cables might be relevant with co ax / speaker cables/ optical etc but not with Line in /out.As for surround well that has to be Hdmi/optical or coax though even sky HD (Dolby surround)audio has to be piped in seperate from the hdmi via co ax or optical .You might find it a non starter thoinking of getting surround from the laptop .However a decent sound system with dolby pro logic 2 can process stereo to real 5 channel surround and can do a damned good job of it especially if the info is in the stereo after being downmixed from surround. Headphones Who is Sennheiser Ha! I use Grado Labs not cheap but not bank busting

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