c000021a fatal system error Help Please

  premier man 15:30 03 Apr 2006

Hi Can anybody help me with this problem.
My friends daughter has brought me her PC to look at,
when you switch on its goes into setup and then blue screen with fatal system error c000021a and 0xc000026c followed by 0x00000000 0x00000000
have tried safe mode and last confiration but still goes to same blue screen
it is XP and a HYUNJA PC with its own xp o/s,is it due for scrap heap,or can anybody help
thanks gordie

  premier man 15:59 03 Apr 2006

not sure if go-back is installed,
will try the repair and report back

  Terry Brown 16:28 03 Apr 2006

If there is nothing of importance on the Hard Drive, it might be easier to re-load XP from scratch.
If the system will not alow you to boot from a CD, you will need to download the Flooy boot disks from microsoft click here and run these.
You will need 6 Floppy disks.After running the download, put the first Floppy in A Drive and the XP CD in the CD Drive. Set the machine to boot from A Drive (from Bios or (Usually) F8 on boot up.
Follow on screen instructions. When you get to the BLUE screen (Terms and Conditions), press F8 to accept, then press ESC to get to the advanced mode. Follow the on screen instruction to delete the partition(s)and re-create & Format.
This will then give you a clean machine with no errors.

  premier man 17:21 03 Apr 2006

ok then,put o/s disc in drive,
started install have got as far as Copying Istallation files then up came message that there was a File Copy Error,
saying an error ocurred copying file
wbemupgd.dll to C:\SWIN_NTS-LSV386\wbemupgd.dll
File Missing etc
left in that state at the moment,anything else I can do???

Thanks for that imfo,only problem is I havent got floppy disc drive
if unable to solve otherwise,
I will have to get someone to do it for me

  premier man 17:28 03 Apr 2006

cd looks ok,there is only one drive on PC

  premier man 17:31 03 Apr 2006

is there any way of testing drive???

  premier man 17:35 06 Apr 2006

did as Terry suggested found someone to download on to floppys for me,
and went from there,all worked fine
thanks to all

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